Who are Kravology

Kravology are passionate about Krav Maga and Self Defence and about passing our knowledge on to you. Our instructors have been trained directly from the Israeli Global Instructor Team (GIT). We are affiliated with the IKMF in Israel. We carry out regular update training with the IKMF GIT team. Having been trained in the U.K, Israel and additional training in Hong Kong with the IKMF GIT and Hong Kong IKMF team. Our training is always up to date. The head instructor holds the rank of EXPERT and takes a realistic approach to the way in which techniques are taught. We offer real world experiences and the knowledge to help you avoid dangerous situations and the expertise to help you get out of them.

At Kravology or KO Krav Maga for short our aim is to offer realistic Krav Maga that is geared towards giving you the skills to protect you in the real world

Our primary focus is Krav Maga without diluting what is the best defensive tactics system in the world with new untested systems. We concentrate on making the techniques work and giving the students the confidence in the system. We add into our training our own experiences of violent encounters, to add to the realism of the training and to give the students a view of real world encounters from both perspectives, attacker and defender. We believe in training our students to be able to protect themselves and their loved ones. The classes are rewarding as everyone is there for each other, and know the importance of reality based self protection training. This gives our club a unique feel and an atmosphere that is electric. If you train in Krav Maga, do you believe the training you’re getting is realistic, and will work in the real world? If you have doubts, then you’re probably not getting the training you deserve. We are here to make sure every student of Krav Maga gets the best and most realistic training available.

Our primary focus is IKMF Krav Maga without diluting what is the best defensive tactics system in the world with new untested systems

The training can be hard at times, but dangerous situations in the street are not easy. We aim to train you, install confidence in the techniques shown and give you the skills and awareness to protect yourself. Our mission is you and that you understand the techniques shown. The techniques and scenarios we construct are there to help you out in the street. Offering you practical self defence solutions to common everyday attack scenarios. We deal in Krav Maga Self Protection first and fitness second. Fitness comes with training the techniques you have learnt and the intensity you train them at.