Krav Maga

Why everyone needs Krav Maga

Learn Krav Maga for Self Defence and Confidence

Nobody knows when an unexpected attack will come in their way. These instances are on a constant rise. An attack can come from any direction, from strangers as well as known people around. If you are unable to protect yourself, there can be fatal injuries and other consequences. Learning self-defence techniques can actually help in many ways. Krav Maga defensive tactics system can actually help you in preparing you to defend against sudden attacks and live with confidence while giving you a positive mindset.

There is a common myth among masses regarding Krav Maga. Most people think that this hand-to-hand combat system is only for military training. In reality, this kind of practical self-defence system is also available for civilians too. Learning Krav Maga is beneficial for everyone. Today millions of people from various age groups attend disciplined Krav training to live peacefully and as Imi the founder said ‘walk in Peace’.

How does Krav Maga help you in Self Defence

Krav Maga is the comprehensive defensive tactics system developed after combining different martial art forms and combat systems, street fighting techniques with prime consideration to making the techniques work and easy to follow, self-defence.

The founder of the Krav Maga and the organization he developed created a syllabus made up of different levels where the learners can sequentially move on from easy moves to difficult ones in due course. These self-defence techniques are easy to remember and perfect for novices who have had no exposure to martial arts or other forms of sport based combat system.

Face Attacks Coming under Different Circumstances

The attacks can come from anyone, anytime anywhere. The attacker can be using weapons or may strike bare handed. You never know how it will come and from what direction. The Krav lessons prepare you for all situations to help you.

Develop Situational Awareness

One aspect often ignored by many people is the sense of awareness. The Krav Maga instructors teach the students from the very beginning to stay alert whether at home or outside. They also help the students to develop situational awareness over the time. This helps to get some time in planning the right strategy if you can sense the problem quite early. In lot many cases, people are able to defend themselves employing the right techniques and principles depending on the situation.

Healthy Regime to Grow Mental and Physical Strength

The practical self-defence skills in Krav Maga students help them to develop the mental strength over the time. Learning the techniques helps to eliminate the fear within when the practitioners move outside into the real world and urban environments. This sense of protection gives peace to the mind, body and the soul. When a trainee attends the periodical lessons at proper schedules, the training helps to strengthen the body as well. It is good regular exercising for everyone to stay fit while gaining strength.

Some Parting Words,

Self Protection is a necessity for everyone. You never know when you may need the skills to deal with a violent situation.

Stay Safe!

The Kravology Team