Krav Maga

Why not learn Krav Maga & Self Defence?

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Krav Maga class

Do you fancy learning something new in 2017?

If you’ve always liked the idea of self-defence, come along to our training in Farnham. We teach what’s known as Krav Maga, which is the official combat system of the Israeli military. It’s also frequently used by their civilians as well. The system has been developed over time and battle tested to prove its practicality.

This fantastic approach to self-defence is utilised by special forces and law enforcement around the world. Many celebrities have learnt this technique, including Daniel Craig, Tom Cruise and Jason Statham.

Come along to our self-defence training in Surrey, and we’ll teach you to protect yourself in a wide range of situations: whether faced with knives or blunt weapons. In other words, it’s extremely useful in violent situations. However, it’s first principle is to avoid violent confrontation unless absolutely necessary.

Come along to our classes in Farnham Surrey, and master the art of Krav Maga.

Our self-defence training takes place on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings. We find it extremely rewarding to watch students using the techniques we’ve taught them. It’s not only a wonderful way to defend yourself, but a high intensity work-out.