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Kravology Students IKMF Grading

By September 5, 2017 No Comments
Kravology Krav Maga

What can I say but wow! The students at Kravology have really shown their metal in the recent IKMF student grading. It was a tough 3 hour test and they all came through it with flying colours. The grading was carried out at our Farnham Leisure Centre location and was attended by our sister club Krav Solutions from Essex. The instructor Steve from Krav Solutions can be very proud of the way his students performed. If you’re ever in Essex check them out

The enjoyment I get from seeing the members grow into the kravists they are, is very humbling. They work hard and help each other out, no one is left behind and it is that mentality that makes our club special. We are not a fitness club, we are Krav first, and always will be and all the members are of the same mindset. Everyone knows the importance of the training and why we do it.

I’m really pleased for everyone that graded, as they showed a real understanding of the principles  of Krav Maga. Prevention  to the attack comes first and it was good to see no one allowing techniques to be placed on them and avoiding where possible.

An awesome effort!!