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Keep it Real

There are too many Krav Maga schools that are turning into fitness clubs. Their priority seems to be fitness & showing off strange new fitness techniques, that confuse the student and move away from the main reason they came to the class to learn. Preparing you for the street is what your training should be about.

I agree there are fitness techniques that can aid in Krav Maga & Self Defence training, but there are too many fad systems and fitness techniques coming into the training area. I’m sure most of these are just there to boost the ego of an instructor to whom has done a course and gained a certificate, all the while looking for some appreciation in some new type of fitness technique they have learned.. To me the instructors of what I term ‘krav Fitness clubs’ have lost their way with the core reason they set out to train and teach people. If the priority was not as Imi said ‘so that one may walk in peace’ then they’re not doing it for the right reasons.

Krav Maga needs to be taught in a way that the student feels connected to the system. The warm up should match the type of training that is going to be given. It should follow the principles that assist the body in preparing it for what is to come. The actual training should be realistic and the techniques tested until the student knows it and feels confident to use it.

Our primary focus is IKMF Krav Maga without diluting what is the best defensive tactics system in the world with new untested systems.  We concentrate on making the techniques work and giving the students the confidence in the system. We add into our training our own experiences of violent encounters, to add to the realism of the training and to give the students a view of real world encounters from both perspectives, attacker and defender. We do this with real world experience and not through courses that teach the psychological thinking of an attacker or defender, without actually having experienced it. Techniques can be taught by anyone trained in them, but the thinking and rationale of what is happening and why things happen needs to come from real world experience.

We believe in training our students to be able to protect themselves and their loved ones. The classes are rewarding as everyone is there for each other, and know the importance of reality based self protection training. This gives our club a unique feel and an atmosphere that is electric. We are Krav Maga self defence first and fitness second. The fitness comes with training hard and pushing yourself. Look at the fitness side of things as a positive bonus to your training. Your main reason for attending should always come first. That way your mindset towards uncomfortable scenarios only looks at the positives that can come from it.

After every class you should feel like you’ve learnt something that will help you. Learning some new fitness technique is not going to help you when you’re grabbed or attacked. Keep the training real and train with instructors you’re confident with. We want to take the students to the next level and to get there the training is not always comfortable. We try to keep the training as real as possible. Correct training  should be an instructor priority and not money. When the training parameters are set at the beginning you find yourself with like minded people all with the same goals and passion.

 Ask Yourself?

If you train in Krav Maga, do you believe the training you’re getting is realistic, and will work in the real world? If you have doubts, then you’re probably not getting the training you deserve. We are here to make sure every student of Krav Maga gets the best and most realistic training available. The first and foremost reason you start Krav Maga is to look after yourself. If fitness is your main concern then you should join a gym where you can get the dedicated fitness training you want. If looking after yourself is your main concern then finding a good instructor and club with like minded people is what you need. Always think about getting realistic training and keeping it real.