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By February 20, 2017 No Comments
IKMF Krav Maga

February’s Krav Maga training in Farnham has almost finished, and it’s been a really positive turn out. The training has been hard at times but rewarding.

We’ve had some great feedback and reviews on the class format, and we can honestly say we’ve tested the techniques! Self Defence techniques need to be tested and shown to work. Otherwise if something happens in the street you’re not going to be adequately prepared to deal with the situation.

Take a look at your training and ask yourself, did you feel the choke, did you test your punch defence with 100% speed and power. Questions you need to ask yourself and if the answer is no then it needs to be done. Krav Maga combative and self protection training needs to simulate real situations and stresses, so you achieve the mindset and confidence needed to overcome a problematic situation.

We offer Real World Self Defence to both men and woman. Size or gender do not matter in Krav Maga. We aim to strike vulnerable points that will cause damage and pain to an adversary enabling you to get away from the situation.

In Krav Maga we don’t run, we tactically disengage. Live to fight another day!

Attend one of of classes in Farnham to experience Krav Maga.


Stay Safe!