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Home Invasions

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Krav Maga Home Invasion

Home Invasions Protection and Self Defence

Home invasions is a horrible experience that any person can go through. Homes are all about being a sanctuary, where we relax, where our memories live and also where our children and families live. To most people and having the notion that it can be easily accessed by a stranger or buglers and their ilk is haunting leaving the victims traumatized and nervous. Worse, home invasions may also involve other crimes like assault, rape, kidnapping and even death. The mere thought of having your home invaded is enough to send shivers down your back, and the unfortunate truth is that it cannot be foreseen. Therefore, having knowledge or skills in martial arts and self-defense can come in handy not only in the case of a home invasion but also other scenarios as well that require you to get physical.

The Dangers of Home Invasion

In the disturbing reality that some people take pleasure in causing harm to others, home invasions are dangerous because, in most instances, they have no time pressure to committing the crime. Theft being the motivator, secondary violence is a motivator as well whenever the invasion happens when homeowners are present. The benign fact that a simple door lock will keep home invaders away practically leaves us relaxed in our defenses.

So what can you do to protect yourself and your family during a home invasion? It has been suggested in some countries like the USA, that one should seek out possessing a firearm or include protection elements in your house like security systems and other deterrents. But that being an all too complicated, roundabout and quite limited opportunity, other suggestions should be considered. Enter self-defense classes, or to be more precise, Krav Maga.

What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga has a funny sound it, much like a villain in a superhero blockbuster. However, it is the official self-defense training employed by the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces). It translates to “contact combat” from the Hebrew language, and additionally, it’s more accurate to counter home invasions. Krav Maga training is mostly based on sports combat like wrestling and boxing with additional elements of hand-to-hand street fighting.

Krav Maga Techniques

Techniques employed in Krav Maga are highly based on instincts, and situational awareness is the major part of the training. Being aware of your surroundings provides the verbal cues that can be given off by a potential attacker thereby leading to effectively neutralizing the target.

Benefits of learning Krav Maga

In learning Krav Maga, the tangible benefits accrued is that, not only are you learning and developing skills to save your life in difficult situations but also you are increasing your endurance as you condition your body to toughness and last longer in a fight. Moreover, it’s a fantastic stress relief as it can be considered as an exercise. The increased level of awareness picked up will contribute to a sharper mind enabling you to think fast and also give you confidence.

There you have it, learn Krav Maga to equip yourself with lifelong survival skills that will be beneficial to you and your family. We at Kravology Krav Maga can help you defend against the common attacks that can occur in a home invasion type scenario.

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