Krav Maga

Can Forrest Gump do Krav Maga??

By October 4, 2017 No Comments

One day, way back when (well ok, a little over four years ago) a man walked into a room full of Ninja’s and very quickly started to feel like a chicken at a knife throwing competition! Or at least, that’s how I was feeling, being the only guy in the room with a sports-casual look, surrounded by people in Martial arts garb. I’m sure the desire to not be that guy puts a lot of people off, akin to the first day of school if you like. In short, I was feeling I had as much chance of being good at Martial arts, as Forrest Gump becoming the president of America (I know, let’s not go there).
Stood around in my tracky bottoms I began to mull over the “top-trumps” conversation I’d had days before, namely “What was the best martial art for real-world self-defence?” After the much-spirited debate, we arrived at Krav Maga being the thing to do. I knew little about it aside from some distant notion that it was the adopted defence system of the Israeli Special Forces! The next thing I knew, I was stood there, in a room full of ninjas, wondering if my medical Insurance was up to date and was this going to result in an untimely end?
Out of the silence came a friendly voice. “Hi mate, don’t worry, it’s going to be fun, just do what you feel you can, and enjoy yourself!”. Wow, ok then! Friendly advice indeed. All of a sudden it didn’t seem like such a bad idea. Before I had time to reply the Instructor was asking if we had any injuries of note ‘not yet’ I thought, ‘ask me later and bring a big notepad!’
Well, thankfully I survived the first lesson in one piece, sure I was pretty tired, but I had a huge smile on my face like a five-year-old having just found granny’s secret sherbet stash –wow what a great feeling, ok I’m hooked!
Unbeknown to me at the time, I was now part of a family of people all learning Krav Maga, so that, in the founder’s words), “One may Walk in Peace.”
I quickly bought the correct clothing and started to feel at one with the crowd of fellow “Kravers” which made things fall into place, such that the sessions at the club quickly became a regular and welcome part of my life.
After ten months of Krav Maga and some welcome revision workshops, my Instructor told me I was ready to head off to Birmingham for my first (P1) grading! Once again the feelings of pressure and uncertainty returned, being in a huge crowd of around two hundred people, in a huge sports hall, about to be tested by the Global Instructor Team from Israel. Eek! No time to flap now, just focus on what I had learned and give it everything!
The legend is accurate; it was both hard and great fun! You know what? It is also a huge feeling of accomplishment. The mantra, “Always earned never given” was to stay with me, printed in my mind as an absolute truth!
Many Moons later I have just completed my 5th level or P5, and it gave me a chance to pause and reflect.
Here is what I know for sure:
1) Krav Maga is both very effective and addictive in equal measure.
2) Some of the most lethal people can often be the nicest
3) It pays to find an awesome Teacher
4) Groin guards are your best friend!
5) Forrest Gump can and does indeed do Krav Maga!
So, pause over, the Krav Journey continues unabated. If you are reading this and don’t have self-defense in your life (or as a certain actor would say, “a particular set of skills”), I strongly recommend Krav Maga.
Me? I’m just going to keep on running.
Stay Safe.